the speech of Sheikh Ahmed Kandil

23 Oct 2017
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the speech of Sheikh Ahmed Kandil
President of the Council of Imams during the meeting of the Mayor of Montreal MR Denis Coderre
with the Islamic community in center Badr( East of Montreal)

Salam al alykom,
Peace be upon you all.

Dear Mr the Mayor Denis Coderre and all you respected brothers and sisters,

I am pleased, as the president of Imam Council in Quebec, to be amongst you tonight in this special occasion.

Today, as Muslims citizens in Quebec, are unfortunately facing wave of discrimination, this time at the official level. As we all know, the provincial government of Quebec has tabled new law , bill 62, targeting Women in Quebec of Muslim faith.

Who can believe that we live in free, democratic and open society that we create laws to deprive women from their basic human rights because of their dress choice. What a shame.
Mr. the Mayor, in the midst of this new suffering, we hear your voice standing up refusing such measures against women in Montreal, in particular. We do appreciate your position a lot. Not only me, but all Citizens of Muslim Faith in Montreal appreciates this. We encourage you not give up and we all support you.

I will conclude by thanking activists and the community organizations , such as the Canadian Muslim Forum, for their stand to counter discrimination against the community all citizens.
I also thank the brothers in masjed Badr for tonight’s event.

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